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Hedlo is situated 950 metres above sea level in the beautiful Veigdalen
(Veig Valley) two and a half hours from the hair-pin road up to Hjølmo, and is therefore suitable for everyone who wants to experience the national park without too heavy rucksacks.

The central location makes it attractive for those who wish to trek from hut to hut. The following table shows approximate walking distances from Hedlo to other huts/lodges within the national park.

Viveli 1 hour
Hadlaskar 2,5 hours
Stavali 5 hours
Liset 5 hours
Bjoreidalen 7 hours
Besso og Sandhaug 7 hours

Hårteigen, the pearl of Hardangervidda, can be seen from all mountain peaks and can easily be reached after a one-day walk from Hedlo.

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